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High Desert Working Dogs Search & Rescue

High Desert Working Dogs has been in existence since 2019, and in that time we have successfully hosted multiple trials and seminars/workshops. Our seminars and workshops, many of which have promoted the RH program, have brought in multiple participants from out-of-state.

  • August 2019: IGP Seminar with Joel Monroe, 15 entries

  • December 2019: Track laying seminar for certification, 10 entries

  • February 2020: IGP trial, 8 entries

  • June 2020: RH seminar & workshop, 12 entries

  • March 2022: IGP trial, 12 entries

  • January 2022: RH trial, 10 entries

  • October 2022: RH workshop/seminar, 15 entries

  • February 2023: RH trial, 13 entries

  • February 2024: scheduled RH Regional Trial, currently 13 potential entries

Our club has the resources to support multiple types of area searches, tracking, mantrailing, and tentative areas for rubble and water searches. The area search can use either the desert environment or a forested area. We currently have 50 acres of desert landscape available for searches and over 100 acres of forested area  for searches. Mantrailing can take place in either urban, rural, or desert areas. The obedience and dexterity location will take place at the club field, which has a field that meets USCA and IRO requirements.

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